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Long Weekend Essentials with LOF Girl Crush Leslie Kirchoff

Long Weekend Essentials with LOF Girl Crush Leslie Kirchoff

Our away messages are set.

Photographer, DJ, Founder of Disco Cubes and all around cool girl, Leslie Kirchoff shares her essentials for a long weekend with LOF.


Essential 1. Set the vibe with the perfect tunes

Q: We love a good playlist. What’s your summer go-to?

A: I’ve been building up and listening to this playlist since the beginning of quarantine—it keeps me motivated and hopeful!

Essential 2. A Zinc inspired cocktail 

The Daydream Recipe 
Brew 1 cup (8 oz) of hibiscus tea. In a jar, combine hot tea with 1 cup of sugar and shake until sugar is dissolved. Store in the fridge. 
For the cocktail: 
1.5 oz vodka
1 oz lemon juice, strained
1 oz hibiscus syrup 

Shake and pour over the rose Disco Cube. Top with Prosecco if desired.

Q: What inspired this recipe? 

A: Hibiscus plants are blooming all around LA right now, so they’ve been on my mind!


Essential 3. The perfect swimsuit 

Q: LOF is built for epic good times, What does that look like for you? What are you getting up to this long weekend in your suit? 

A: My best days lately are spent lounging in my backyard, popping in and out of my kitchen, doing a little gardening, and grilling.


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