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Your New Best Friend ... in TALL

This is your 24/7, 365. From swimming laps to spontaneous waterfall jumps to the dance floor, just a few reasons why this suit will be your #1.

Our TALL length is about 1.5 inches longer in length, roughly one size longer in length. This means the Small*TALL = the fit of the Small but the length of a Medium.

Insanely Comfortable Fit
  • V neck, suits all boobs (small to lucky you!)
  • Minimal bum coverage, high cut leg, one piece swimsuit
  • Has been nicknamed the “LBD of swimsuits” for good reason.
  • Tall, means it’s longer in length (aka long torso swimsuit), great for the long torso’s in the house. Also offered in regular length
  • What size am I? Size Chart
  • Compare to other styles here 

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