My Bag

The Founders

Meet Shannon and Laura.

Women, athletes, enthusiasts of life, lovers of adventure (and margaritas).
Shannon & Laura met at lululemon where they both worked for 11+ years on the product team. Shannon, the former VP of Women’s Design, created the women’s run line, which includes the famous Speed Short and Swiftly Tech. Laura led the Speed to Market team, where she created the Free to Be Bra *Wild, Jet Crop and Love Tee….#NBD

Those were good times…

On a cool evening while hot tubbing in Vancouver, BC and catching up about their most recent surf and kiteboarding trips (probably drinking margaritas), the two product-loving athletes (naturally) got to talking about their frustrations with their swimsuits. They were tired of their swim gear letting them down in every way. They had the surf suit, the lap suit, the hot tub suit, but not one suit that they loved, looked good in, and that could stand up to all their adventures.

They couldn’t find it, so they built it. One suit they could depend on (and love) from pool to play, and to feel powerful in.

Excited to have you along for the ride!