My Bag

Sunday Suit


Jet (Black)
24 Karat (Gold)
Popsicle (Orange)
First Place (Blue)
Desert Plum (Purple)
Tan Lines (Brown)
Rescue (Neon Red)
Deep End (Teal)
Bronze (Brown)
1971 (Red)
Coconut (White)
Hot (Pink)
Aperol (Orange)
Sweet Chili Heat (Red)
Cold Brew (Brown)
Rescue (Neon Red) / S / Regular

Your New Best Friend

This is your 24/7, 365. From swimming laps to spontaneous waterfall jumps to the dance floor, just a few reasons why this suit will be your #1.

Our TALL length is about 1.5 inches longer in length, roughly one size longer in length. This means the Small*TALL = the fit of the small but the length of a medium.

Insanely Comfortable Fit  ™
  • V neck, suits all boobs (small to lucky you!) 
  • Minimal bum coverage, high cut leg, one piece swimsuit 
  • Has been nicknamed the “LBD of swimsuits” for good reason.
  • Also offered in a Tall length, great for the long torso’s in the house.
  • What size am I? Size Chart
  • Compare to other styles here 
  • Need help finding the right suit for you? We'll help you out .