Women of Wonder: We know them, we love them-you will, too. This is Brandie.

For longtime LOF ambassador Brandie Wilkerson, winning isn’t everything—but win she does. The current women’s World Beach Volleyball Silver Medalist has been crushing it with her partner, Melissa Humana-Paredes, with some major games coming up this summer. 

Brandie’s also the first bi-racial player on Canada’s beach volleyball team. Born in Switzerland to a Swiss mother and Texan dad, Brandie grew up in Toronto, where her mixed background gave her a unique perspective. Because representation in the sport means so much to her, Brandie co-founded Project Worthy, which includes a scholarship to cover one year of club volleyball fees for up-and-coming BIPOC athletes. As the most-followed beach volleyball player in the world on social media, her voice is making a big impact.

Brandie Wilkerson Volleyball

When did you start playing beach volleyball?

I got into the sport through my time playing varsity indoor volleyball at York University. I was surrounded by beach volleyball players on the national team. They encouraged me to give it a try and helped me get a private tryout for the national team—and eventually into my first international event, where I got absolutely hooked! I’m grateful for my friends that believed in me before I even knew what beach volleyball was.

What advice do you have for the hopefuls?

You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in your vision so steadfastly, because people will definitely test it. You will find times where you're questioning. Sometimes the results won't always reflect the amount of work that you're doing, but stay true to your belief in yourself and everything else will follow. And that does require taking risks that will feel uncomfortable, but it's always always worth it in the end.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired to play by the moments of unlocking my potential and in turn inspiring others to open their mind and do the same and create a legacy.

OK so... tell us about your nails!

I enjoy the art of performance and showing up as my best. Getting my nails done has become my monthly habit. I’ve gotten them done all over the world while traveling for volleyball. It allows me to express my bold and creative side, reminds me of my friends and our culture, plus it’s not something a lot of people can do while playing so I love that I can.

You're leaving Friday, where are you going?

A beautiful, bustling metropolis of a city that has an amazing spa and 5-star restaurants!

Brandie Wilkerson Photo Collage
"My advice for young athletes is to first and foremost truly be their own number one fan." - Brandie Wilkerson
Brandie Wilkerson Volleyball

Status Update

7x AVP Champion
One Gold Medal & two silver medals in the Elite 16 International Events
3x AVP Server of the Year (2019, 2022, 2023)
2015 AVP Newcomer of the Year
2x AVCA All-American at Loyola Marymount University

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